The Serse Trust cannot exist without the very generous donations which provide vital support to the growth and activities of Opera Settecento. Even with ticket sales, we rely heavily on generous donations from both individuals and businesses. We welcome all donations and there are many different ways in which we accept support. Opera Settecento's finances are processed by The Serse Trust (registered charity number: 1153972).

If you would like to explore the possibility of contributing to Opera Settecento's growth please contact the treasurer or follow these links to download your chosen declaration form:

One-off donations
Past, present and future donations

Please send your completed declaration form and your cheque to the following address:-

The Treasurer
The Serse Trust
6 Beechwood Avenue
Surrey KT13 9TE

Or use this link to pay through Paypal

Once you have made a donation, the Treasurer of the Serse Trust will send you the appropriate Gift Aid certificate. 

The Serse Trust would also like to acknowledge the support of:


The Hamburg Hasse Foundation
Keith Raffan and Associates
The Serse Trust
Andipa Gallery
The London Handel Festival


Mark Payne

James Alexander

Michael Hardy

Michael Niss

Leslie Porter

Edward Houghton

Christopher Silvester

Dr Alan King

The Serse Trust
6 Beechwood Avenue
Surrey KT13 9TE


Christopher P V Silvester (Chairman)

James M B Alexander (Treasurer and Secretary)

Edward J W Houghton


Charity Commission Registered Charity Number 1153972